Market research consultancy services

Ignio Consulting provides market research consultancy services to support companies and organisations with their market research and survey needs. The range of services covers all aspects of quantitative and qualitative market research projects:

  • Project design
  • Questionnaire design, programming and hosting
  • Approaching of participants
  • Interviewing
  • Data analysis
  • Reporting

OfficeReports support

Ignio provides support and advanced reporting programming services to companies using OfficeReports. These services include report (template) setup and advanced or automated reporting.

Report (template) setup

Because OfficeReports is integrated with Microsoft Office, reports can be set up to look exactly like current reports, and can work with the reports and templates that are already set up in PowerPoint or Excel. OfficeReports provides the freedom to design charts and tables exactly the way they are needed to look and takes care of updating them with data, even when new data needs to be added on a regular basis. Ignio can help users of OfficeReports to set up their reports exactly as required, ensuring the easiest and most efficient reporting experience every time.

Advanced or automated reporting

On top of the standard reporting capabilities of OfficeReports, the creation of advanced tables and charts is possible by utilising Office macros. Macros can also be used to fully utilise OfficeReports' automation capabilities, ensuring your cost savings are maximised. Ignio can assist in creating custom macros and automating report processes to meet all of your needs.

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