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OfficeReports is software that integrates into Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. It transforms your Office suite into a full-fledged reporting tool for market research professionals. The software allows you to create customised and automated charts and tables that are reusable. OfficeReports makes it easy to reorganise your data and produce derived variables.

Changes made to one reporting element, can easily be applied to the remaining charts in your reports, without manually having to change each individual chart or table. OfficeReports takes the work out of generating many similar reports for different datasets or subgroups within a dataset. OfficeReports will make reporting of your market research data, easier, faster and better.


  • OfficeReports is faster:
  • No more switching between software packages.
  • Instantly update charts and tables with new data.
  • Instantly apply changes to all tables and charts.

OfficeReports makes your data available for reporting directly in PowerPoint or Excel. This means there is no more switching back and forwards between data analysis and reporting software. The data will be available for presenting in charts and tables within PowerPoint and Excel. Changes to created charts and tables can easily be applied retrospectively. Need to change the colour of one bar, or the scale of the axis, across reports? Why make these changes manually, when OfficeReports can make the change and apply to all similar charts or tables with one click.

After a change is made to a dataset, or new data is added, reports are updated with the click of one button. No more going through reports to change each individual chart and table after one respondent needed to be removed or a filter needed to be applied. OfficeReports allows market researchers to significantly reduce time spent on creating reports, allowing reports to be delivered to clients earlier.


  • OfficeReports is better:
  • Connecting charts and tables to source data reduces human error
  • Consistent design of charts and tables
  • More thinking time for researchers
  • Highly compatible and connected

Charts and tables are generated straight from the source data, which removes the need to copy and paste from one piece of software to the other. This eliminates errors that may occur when data analysis and reporting takes place in separate software packages. Templating of charts and tables ensures consistently designed reports, across desks and office locations. Time savings achieved when using OfficeReports allows the market researcher to provide clients additional value such as improved reporting detail, additional analysis or increased consultancy time.

OfficeReports works with many different data formats, among which SPSS, SAS, Triple-S and Excel. The software can work with data from most survey software, including ConfirmIt, SurveyGizmo, SurveyMonkey, Toluna and others. OfficeReports can also connect directly to a SurveyMonkey account, and import survey data from SurveyMonkey without the data needing to be exported or downloaded. The data can automatically be updated whenever needed.


  • OfficeReports is cheaper:
  • Up to 90% savings in reporting time
  • Reduced software licensing costs

OfficeReports will allow any market research professional to save significant costs in reporting time, by reducing time spent on creating charts and tables, removing the need for data checking of tables and charts, and minimising time spent on rework of reports. Existing customers have reported reductions of up to 90% in reporting time.

Furthermore, using OfficeReports will allow companies and organisations to reduce licence costs by allowing them to cut back licences for dedicated data analysis software - keeping only the licences that are needed for the advanced analytics team. Those companies that currently use other reporting software, will save significantly by choosing OfficeReports licences instead. Up to date licence costs information is available at .

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