About Ignio

Ignio was born out of a passion for innovation, efficiency and market research. Ignio uses innovative technology to help market research being undertaken more efficiently, better and faster.

The word Ignio means "to ignite", and stands for the way we would like to work with market researchers to help them fire up or rekindle their passion for creating insights. Insights that allow their clients to make significant changes to their company, organisation, and the world.

Andris VersteegPrincipal consultant Andris Versteeg View Andris Versteeg's LinkedIn profile has worked in the market research industry since 2006. Since the start of his career he has been passionate about new technologies and innovation. Andris has always had a keen interest in using technologies in market research to provide better insights, or to provide insights in a better way. Andris has significant experience managing quantitative and qualitative market research projects using a wide range of data collection methodologies across many industries including local, state and federal governments, utilities, financial services, retail, media and health. In many of his employments he has introduced new technologies, and developed new products or tools. He always works on teaching himself new techniques and technologies, and keeps up to date with (international) developments in market research.

Ignio is backed by the OfficeReports company in Denmark, who are highly experienced in providing market research software, and who serve clients worldwide.

Ignio Consulting is a business name used by Andris Versteeg, providing market research consultancy services. The business is registered with the ASIC, and under ABN 23 757 221 317.

Contact us by sending an email to or call on 04 6636 8828.

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